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  • Perfect baby gift
  • This bunny has a soft cuddle cloth and will play a calm lullaby when you pull the tail
  • It is made in soft fabrics with unique prints and is packed in a beautiful gift box
  • 12.6"
  • Material Cotton/Linen
  • Filling Recycled polyester/PE Pellets
  • Wash 30C
  • All ages

    Why we Love Maileg (My-Lye - to rhyme with sky or pie)...

    In a busy world of bright lights, bells and whistles, where new stories are continually impressed upon us… Maileg is a world in which matchboxes can be beds for mice; princesses make perfect tea time companions; and adventures can be found on a friendly forest walk. It is a world where cats and mice are friends. Theirs is a world of childhood imagination - and this is a world we value.

    Established in 1999 by Danish designer Dorthe Mailil, Maileg has an authentic style that is based on modern contemporary concepts with a unique touch and expression. Hand stitched eyes and hand knit clothing bring these toys to life for your little one.